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Dave & Tim - Squirm

The power of your kiss
Your words, your lips
Your flesh, your bones
Exactly what you need

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DMB - Kill the King (Live at Atlantic City - 2011)

Save the world every time you walk in the room is what you do 
You alone could save my soul 
Just your smile makes me think that I could kill the king, kill the king 

This release is one of the best from DMB in a while - great renditions of alot of their songs. This song in particular, enjoying it’s first ‘official’ release, is much more developed than when it premiered a few years back. Enjoy :)

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Emmylou Harris - MY ANTONIA (feat. Dave Matthews)

“She left me a note that cried, ‘Do not weep for me
Behold you are with me as sure as the stars
That rise in the evening to shine down upon me
Behold I am with you wherever you are’

via willowmansdaughter

Wegmans also carries Dave Matthews’ wine “The Dreaming Tree” :) (Taken with instagram)

Wegmans also carries Dave Matthews’ wine “The Dreaming Tree” :) (Taken with instagram)

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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Crush (piano edit)

3/28/2003: Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY

This is my all-time favorite acoustic rendition of Crush. Having listened to literally dozens of recordings from various shows, I can confidently say that this version offers something unique and beautiful… the wailing and ambient jam is both pleasing and haunting. This particular recording features the addition of a piano jam on one channel, added in post-production by a fan.

Dave and Tim - I’ll Back You Up

11/18/11 at the United Palace Theater, NYC.

(The charity fundraiser show at a limited capacity (and beautiful) theater this past Friday)